Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cooperton Bank

What is left of Cooperton is located just north of the intersection of State Highways 19 and 54 in Southwest Oklahoma. You can see the Wichita Mountains to the south of Cooperton and everything else surrounding the town is farm land. There are maybe a dozen houses left in the town area today.
This 1927 bank building was something to see. The round rocks so carefully lined up to make the exterior of the building are amazing. It is covered by a tin roof. Note how the door was put in the corner of the building at an angle.
As you can see I took these photos in the spring when the Iris were just beginning to sprout up in the front of the bank. I would NOT go poking around down there now for fear of snakes in all the brush being allowed to grow. Behind the bank is a shop type building and a house where people are living.
This bank sits about two blocks off the main highway at the intersection of two gravel streets. I was glad we made the long drive down there to see this neat old building. I wonder where they got all those rocks to build it and how many rocks are in the walls. I always have so many questions when I see old buildings like this one.

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