Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spoiled Cats?

Some people think our cats are spoiled. Those same people think our children and grandchildren are spoiled too. I think what is the good of having them if you can't spoil them? I will be honest with you though, my husband is the one who does the most of the spoiling of cats, kids and grandkids!

Our cats are so loving and give us lots of entertainment. When I picked up their feeding dish and put it on the love seat to take a photo they both jumped up there and stuck their heads in one of the dishes like it was going to be their last meal....they are so funny! (sorry bout that sentence Ms.Bixtoria) Lizzie Tu is the gray on the left and Callie Ann is the calico on the right.
My friend Pat got me this ROYAL CAT FEEDING BUFFET for my birthday one year. She knows how spoiled our cats are and how much I would love love love this ROYAL feeding dish. I don't know where she found it, but it is the cats meow! The girls love it as much as I do!
I love the bright colors of this afagahn I found brand new for $5.00 at the local thrift store. So I flipped it up on the love seat to have a colorful background to photograph the ROYAL CAT FEEDING BUFFET. I really need another one, because our cats have four dishes of different kinds of food. I feel they need to have a choice of what they are hungry for on different days.
We have always let our cats "self feed" by leaving bowls of cat food and two bowls of water out for them at all times. I hear people that only feed their cats a couple times a day and then complain about how fat their cat has become. Well I think you have seen enough photos of our cats to see they are not fat. I think it is because they walk by and take a tiny bite or two when they want and do not feel the pressure to gobble up a one time serving of food.

I have the same idea about children and sugar. People talk about how their children get hyper if they have sugar. (OK I am refraining from writing a couple bad words...LOL) The reason their kids get hyper is because they only let them have it once in a while....duh....if the children have it all the time, in small amounts it is not a big deal, and they are use to havng it in their systems. I know, I know get off the soap box..... 

Do you give your pets the royal treatment?


  1. Yes, My dog babes are spoiled! Payslee's closet is bigger than mine! But I don't feel bad about it, because she provides me and others so much happiness through her therapy work. She's such a good girl that I love spoiling her! And Sawyer & Rally are my good boys..they aren't as spoiled as Pays,but being that they are mine, they still only have the best of the best and I love doing it!

  2. Of course your babies need the Royal treatment. Mine have their own bowls and litter boxes. Now do they go to the same bowl or box all the time? No...and amazingly enough they never get the two mixed up. HA HA HA I say spoil away, whether it be your grandchild or your precious four legged baby. Brenda, I love that feeder. Find out where she got it. I have a little girl who feels that she in entitled to all that and more. I love her!

  3. That feeder was so fun! I wish I remember where I got it but it was the only one in whatever store I was in. I do remember I found it while I was on a work trip to somewhere so I don't even remember what state I was in! Had there been two my dog, Louise, would have one too! Sorry Joey, you weren't even born then.

  4. I love the cats. They look just like two of my four cats. Lol I had to look twice.