Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Girl's Birthday

Time flies so fast! Today is my baby's 34th birthday and it seems like only yesterday she was the little girl in this first photo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!
Brenda and Kennda December 1977

Kennda at 4 and 5
Since this is my blog I get to use MY favorite photos, like the ones above. I know she will not be amused, but just look at her! She is just the cutest little girl ever!

Kennda at 14
Dad's Pride and Joy "The Baby's College Graduation"
Dennis and Kennda 2001
I am compelled at this point to tell everyone to NEVER GIVE UP! My baby girl wanted to be a teacher her entire life, and seeing her in the above photo is proof that if you want something and try hard enough you can do it.

She is now a High School Special Education Teacher, despite the fact that her high school counselor told her that she did not want to waste a ACT packet on her! My daughter struggled with reading all through school, and we did not find out why until she was in high school....she has Irlen Syndrome and needs colored lens in her glasses to be able to see the page like everyone else. At any rate the school district made this same counselor a vice principal and she is still doing the same things to students! Sorry, it still makes me mad!

Kennda, Kenny Rogers, Brenda
My baby girl is fun to go places and do things with, like this concert where we got to meet and have our photo made with Kenny Rogers. She loves Kenny Rogers and has listened to his music since she was a little girl, so this was exciting for her to meet him.
Kennda 2011


  1. I love you more! You are the best mommy any "baby" could ever dream of having.

  2. Dearest Kennda, I so remember when you were born. Your momma was so happy and you have continued to bring her happiness. Have a great birthday!

  3. Makes me smile all over to read the blog and to remember you, Kennda, on your 34th! I still smile at our "growing up" memories in Girl Scouts, too! Love ya, Kiddo! ox ox ox

  4. They do grow so fast! My daughter is only 2.5 but I already feel like things have moved so quickly and she's growing up too soon. Happy Birthday, Kennda!

  5. I am so very proud of Kennda and brag about her every chance I get. When I meet a young person struggling in school, I tell them stories of Kennda. Kennda had many hurdles to jump just to make it through high school. I was astonished when she completed college. Kennda has always held a special place in my heart and now she teaches special children and passes on her love. I will always love you Kennda.
    The Babysitter