Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Craft Stick Pencil Holder

Callie Ann (our calico cat) and I made a CRAFT STICK PENCIL HOLDER to show you a simple easy project for kids of any age to make. Callie Ann is not usually the one who tries to help me with projects, except wrapping gifts and then she loves to walk on the paper I have rolled out to use. Cats are such wonderful creatures!
You will need: 16 craft sticks
a empty toilet paper roll
craft glue - I use Elmer's
a rubber band
piece of cardboard cut to fit in the end
Glue the round piece of cardboard in one end of the toilet paper roll.
Glue the craft sticks around the outside of the toilet paper roll and secure with the rubber band.
Notice I barely glued the craft sticks where they were over the edge of the bottom of the toilet paper roll. They stick up over the top edge a bit more so you don't see the toilet paper roll as much when it is finished. Allow the glue to dry and remove the rubber band.
The finished pencil holder.
You could also use craft sticks that are not pre-colored and paint the outside of the pencil holder or add stickers to create the design of your choice.

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