Monday, August 1, 2011

Blog's 1st Anniversary!


Writing this Cats, Kids and Crafts blog is so much fun,
my first year flew by and is already done.
Thanks to all who have read my posts,
the comments to me have meant the most.
I love thinking of new things to write,
it even wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Looking for things to photograph, the places I go,
to research and share things that I know.
I write like I talk, not always a good thing,
be thankful it is not as bad as I sing.
Now and then I include a little verse,
I love writing and keep notes in my purse.

This blog helps my old mind to be alive and stay active,
gravity is causing the rest of me, to not be so attractive.
I use to love to draw and paint, to kick the stress,
my hands and wrists are way past their best.
I am thankful to Julie who taught me to blog,
it's so fun to write and not turn into an old log.

Keep reading this blog and share it with friends,
the more the merrier if everyone follows and signs in.
I hope you've learned a craft, or to cook a thing or two,
or was just amused by some of my crazy views.
Happy first year blog anniversary to me,
There's no telling the future things you might see!

by BKWilliams 2011

photo by Julie
 This photo below is Callie Ann and she is also the photo on my blog profile.


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