Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daughter's Quilt & Cat

I said, "Ok, Miss Grace Kitty please move so I can take a photo of that quilt."  Her royal majesty just laid there and looked at me like she had no intention of moving. I think she was telling me this was her bed and I just needed to go away. This is one spoiled cat.
I love quilts. This quilt is one that my mom gave my daughter when she was in high school...YEARS AGO! It is my daughter's favorite quilt and she has never had it off her bed, so now it is getting a little frayed around the edges. I am sure the pattern has a name, but I don't know the name. This is the center of the quilt, with this beautiful star burst type pattern.
I love the black, yellow and blue fabrics the quilter put together. The back of the quilt is a pretty black flowery patterned fabric. Around the edges of the quilt are these big square patterns with the star in the center. It amazes me how precise the points all match in the pattern. It was machine quilted all over, after the individual blocks were joined together. Beautiful work of art.
I hope you like quilts too, because I will be showing you other quilts that I love in future blogs. The quilts I have made for my kids and grand kids were not beautiful works of art, but just plain love from the heart.

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  1. Such a pretty quilt. You're right, it's very impressive how they get the points so pointy. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I think velcro would be a great way to attach a skirt to the vanity. :)