Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gift Bags

I had a variety of gifts I needed to take to a wedding, and ran into the Family Dollar Store to pick up wrapping paper and a curly bow. As I turned the corner these shiny bags caught my eye. They were $2 each. Very heavy duty and could be reused by the bride. They came in other colors, but I loved this bright pink. I found curly ribbon bows 2 on a card for $1. The bags were so much easier and looked a heck of a lot better than my gift wrapping! I stapled the bows on front of the bags.
I knew I had basket paper at home. I looked through my basket paper assortment and picked the pink, blue, yellow to put on top of the gifts in the bags.
Always remember, after every holiday, to go to the sale isle for that seasonal item. Look for basket paper, tissue paper, plates, napkins, tablecloths, etc. anything that can be used throughout the year for other events. I try to never by party supplies at the full price.

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  1. Good tip! Wrapping paper and gift bags are one of those things you should never pay full price for! I like to reuse those gift bags too--I don't think I've bought one in years because I save the ones we've gotten from other people. :)