Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Man, A Can, A Plan

I was looking through my cookbook collection, to find some cookbooks I could share with my granddaughter, when I ran across this awesome little 5 x 8 inch treasure! GO FIND THIS BOOK...you will LOVE IT!

It would be the best gift to give a child moving out on their own, or going off to college, or to your favorite man (unless they are like my husband and already cook awesome stuff). The book is published by Rodale in association with Men's Health and is written by David Joachim and the editors of Men's Health. It is one of those cardboard books so every page is plastic coated and sturdy!

Check it out...50 easy meals!
Look at the following pages...SHOWS PICTURES!
They could actually carry the book to the grocery store to buy their ingredients!
The recipes give simple directions with + signs and = signs!!!
This is one cool little cookbook! I had forgotten about it, but it was perfect for what I was trying to find to share with my granddaughter.

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  1. This is a funny book! Someone gave it to Blondie when he went off to graduate school. However, he's not really a can kind of man, so he didn't use it for actual cooking.