Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Ornament Craft

To recycle some more of those unwanted CD's that arrived in the mail, I decided to make Granny's Love aka my Grandson a personalized Christmas Tree Ornament.
Take two of the CD's and glue the printed sides together, so the shiny sides are out.
Then CAREFULLY hold a nail with pliers and heat the nail.
Make a hole in the top of the CD's with the hot nail.
This might take a couple times to heat the nail to make the hole big enough.
This is the hole afterward...
no way can photos be taken with CD's in one hand and a hot nail in the other.
As I said be CAREFUL.
Next I cut out a couple photos of Granny's Love and glued one to each side of the CD's. After the glue dried I took the blue cord and measured around the photos. Then glued the cord down around the photos. I didn't like the way the cord looked where it came together, so I made a bow and glued in on the seam. To finish the ornament I took the cord and put it through the hole in the top of the ornament. I decided to knot my cord for additional decoration, but just the plain cord for a hanger would be plenty.
CD's are hard to photograph, because of the reflections!
These could be made out of old CD's that have been scratched and don't play anymore.
It is just a fun way to recycle CD's.
After I finished Granny's Love's CD ornament I thought I better make one for my granddaughter and her roommate too. I used some of the yard that my daughter had left from enhancing the girls flip flops. It made a neat looking ornament too.

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