Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I love this product! Ultra Concentrated Gel SHOUT Advanced Formulated for Heavy-Duty Stains. It seems to get most of the stains out of our clothes. As expensive as clothing can be, this is a good investment to keeping them wearable longer.
The thing I like about it is the plastic 'brush' on the top of the bottle.
Read the instructions before using on your fabrics.
Squeeze out a little of the gel onto the stain and use the brush to rub the fabric.
I have always used the regular spray SHOUT stain remover on our laundry, but I love the gel.
When I was taking these photos for this post, I noticed the spray SHOUT has a Greenlist label on the bottle. It says Greenlist: Our patented process to select raw materials with reduced environmental impact while maintaining high performance. Product not tested on animals. Contains no ammonia, bleach, phosphorus, or dyes. Says we can learn more at www.scjohnson.com

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