Saturday, December 17, 2011

Jar Ring/Christmas Card Ornaments

I always save my Christmas cards and make gift tags for the next year. Just cut out the "neat part" of the card with my craft scissors and punch a hole in the corner and tie on a piece of curly ribbon to attach to the gift.
This year I had to dip into some of my Christmas cards and recycle into a jar lid ring ornaments.
Just cut out a circle to fit inside the jar lid and another circle to fit on the outside and glue the two circles back to back on the jar lid ring. I found these rings at a second hand store twenty cents for a bag full.
Then glue ribbon around the jar ring and make a bow on top to attach ornament hanger.
The red glittery one in the middle was made with glittered craft foam.
This is my favorite! I was making these for my Granddaughter and she loves OU!!!
Boomer Sooner!!!


  1. While I have to respectfully disagree in your choice of football teams, this is a really neat idea and a great way to preserve all of those Christmas cards!

  2. LOL...notice I wrote that OU was my Granddaughter's favorite team...My Husband's too.
    I am a RAZORBACK!
    Since I live in Oklahoma my favorite team is them Cowboys! Imagine the static in my house this year...ROFL...I kept telling them OSU was going to win!!!

  3. I always save the cards we get too, but I never do anything with them! My husband is convinced I'm a hoarder, but it just feels wrong to throw them out--now I have an idea for using them!