Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Mark

The Mark Restaurant - 601 East Main Street - Weatherford, Oklahoma
Another Historic Route 66 landmark and good place to eat.
Yummy! This was my hamburger steak, topped with swiss cheese, grilled onions, red and green bell peppers. You get your choice of sides and I love the oven baked potato and corn. That was my husband's lemon pie behind the plate. I ate my piece of chocolate pie before I got my meal. This meal also comes with a salad and soup bar.
The Mark Restaurant has been in Weatherford since 1959. The story has been told that Ed Berrong and his partners were discussing what to name their new restaurant and motel venture. Ed's teenaged son, Mark came into the room and said that is easy just name it THE MARK. And so, it has been The Mark from that day forward. When you stay at the Mark Motel you get a free breakfast at the Mark Restaurant.
The Mark Best Western Motel is one of the best in Western Oklahoma and we love to eat at the Mark Restaurant. If you are ever traveling on Route 66 stop in Weatherford and at THE MARK.

Mark Berrong 12/31/1941 - 12/10/2009

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  1. Looks amazing! I'm a long way from Oklahoma, but if I'm ever in this area, I know where to eat!