Monday, December 12, 2011

Detergent Scoop Craft

I have tried forever to figure out something fun to do with detergent scoops. I finally got this idea! Maybe it is because I have a collection of tiny Nativity scenes, that this idea came to me.
One Detergent Scoop
Craft Foam
Craft Spanish Moss
Elmer's Glue
Hole Punch
Bow (which is not on in these photos)
Glue the Spanish Moss in the bottom of the scoop with the scoop on its end.
Cut out figures that are suppose to look like:
Mary, Joseph and his staff, Baby Jesus, the manger and a star.
Use the hole punch to cut out the faces in the figures.
Punch a hole with pink foam and use the punched out part to make the faces.
I used a ink pen to make dots on the faces for eyes and mouths.
Glue Mary and Joseph in the back and then Baby Jesus in front of them.
Glue the star in the top of the scoop.
If nothing else this made my husband laugh.
I think it would be a fun project for Sunday school or vacation bible school.

My second idea is a Snowman and Tree
One detergent scoop
Craft Foam
Part of a Cotton Ball
Floral Wire for Hanger

What ideas do you have for using detergent scoops?
Leave a comment and share your ideas. 


  1. That is just too cute and thrifty of you! I use liquid detergent so have never attempted anything like that. I am thinking about making my own detergent though in the future.

  2. I love this! The scoop that comes in my detergent is too small to use, I think (it's very narrow), but maybe I could fit a very skinny snowman in it. :) You are so creative!