Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bath Soap Pieces

Ok what do you do with the end pieces of the bar of bath soap. I know...I know...toss them in the trash! I use to do that too until one day I discovered that my grandson aka "Granny's Love" preferred the little tiny pieces of soap for his bath. So, we started dropping the pieces in a plastic cup on the end of the bathtub. I looked around the other day and discover that we had two cups full of tiny end pieces of bath soap. I decided to make him some special soap!
I put the pieces in a glass bowl. I had to chop a few of them to make a smaller piece.
Then I put a little water in the bowl and let them soak for a bit. Next I put the bowl in the microwave and heated the soap pieces for one minute and stirred them. I repeated the process until I had heated and stirred for three minutes.
Next I mashed the sofened soap pieces with the potato masher. I should have used the electric mixer. Then I spread the mashed soap in a pie pan, and let it cool until firm enough to cut out shapes with cookie cutters.

Then I took a couple of cookie cutters and cut out "fish soap" shapes from the former soap pieces.
First, I cut out four fish and then I repressed the soft soap pieces out again until I could cut more "fish soap" shapes. I ended up with seven soap fish! Then I really got goofy and poked my finger in for a eye and "cut" a mouth for the fish.
The final step is to lay the fish soap, or what ever shape you make, out somewhere to completely dry and harden enough for bath time. This might be a fun project for the kids when they are out of school for the holiday break.

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  1. This is an awesome idea! I always thought it was such a waste throwing out that sliver of soap. I wonder how soaps are colored? Do you think candy molds would work also?