Sunday, December 26, 2010

Real Tools!

Granny's Love has gotten into his Poppy's tools since he was old enough to walk. This year we decided he was old enough to have his own tool box. When he opened this present he just squealed...Granny it's REAL TOOLS! It was a good thing he had already opened his other gifts, because when he saw the tools that was all he was interested in from that point on.

His REAL TOOL BOX contained a variety of screw drivers, measuring tape, hammer, flashlight and batteries. It wasn't a lot, but he thought it was the most wonderful thing ever. He loves to "fix" things and now he has his own tools.

He also got four new DS games, cars, clothes, a new coat, a backpack, books, bath colors, bubbles and a bank with money. The REAL TOOLS excited him the most and made my eyes water when he told me "Granny this was the best Christmas ever."

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