Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bottle Lid Checker Pieces

I have a bowl I toss my 2 liter Diet Mt. Dew bottle lids in, because I just know someday I will figure out a craft project for those lids. I've seen magnets, pin cushions, and a few other things using the bottle lids. Well, the other day I received one of those junk mail treasures in the mail. The junk mail contained 24 winter theme stickers. I tossed the rest of what ever was in the envelope in the trash.

I counted out 24 bottle lids from my stash. Then I pained the edge of 12 of them with red acrylic paint. You could use a sharpie or nail polish or what ever you have on hand. While those were drying I cut those square stickers into round circles (mostly round..LOL) to fit the top of the bottle lids. Then I applied the stickers to the top of the lids.
Winter themed "checkers."
I have a bowl full of these green 2 liter bottle lids, so if you have crafty ideas for using them please share by leaving a comment on this blog post.

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