Saturday, December 4, 2010

Callie Ann cat tails

Callie Ann our calico barn cat, turned queen of the house, has a new game. One day I had tossed my afghan from my chair to the love seat...big mistake. Callie Ann decided that the afghan was hers and she loves it even as much as I do. She hides under the end of it and then pounces out at our other cat Lizzie Tu. She slaps unsuspecting feet that might pass near the afghan edge. She takes long cat naps under there too. These photos are of Callie Ann "hiding" under her afghan.
She makes us laugh when she gets under the afghan. Sometimes when she is hiding her long plume tail is sticking out and Lizzie Tu will pounce on it to let Callie Ann know she has been found. They are like two little kids when they are playing, because they first play and then fuss. This beautiful long hair calico barn cat is certainly glad the grand kids picked her out of the litter to become the queen.

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