Monday, December 27, 2010

Oklahoma Dashboard View

Oklahoma is going to be a great state when they get it finished! No matter what time of year or what Oklahoma highway you travel, it is very likely you will encounter new roads being built or the existing road being repaired. People often joke about these orange cones being the official tree of Oklahoma. On a recent trip I could not resist taking a couple dashboard view photos.
It seems to take forever to build a new strip of highway. I admire the workers who are out there risking life and limb to provide us with these roads to travel. My pet peeve is the drivers who do not slow down to the posted speeds in the work zones. And the dummies who try to pass when it clearly says no passing on the signs.
As I passed the porta-potty, I had another thought about how these workers endure the gaudawful weather extremes building these roads. How they have to use those porta-potties! Yuk!! They do not get paid nearly enough.
Next time you are going through one of these work zones be thankful that those workers are out there trying to make a better place for you travel.
My husband told me he thinks dashboard view photography is probably as dangerous as texting while driving. But, I did not take my eyes off the road I told him.


  1. You know, he's probably right! But I'd take the pictures anyway!

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