Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cat is Ready to Go!

Callie Ann hates it when we get the suitcase out, because she knows we are packing to leave. This time before we left for the holidays she did not pay much attention to what we were doing. She did get up and walk around on top of the suitcase a couple of times.

After we returned from being gone for four days, and was unpacking the suitcase Callie Ann got in the suitcase to let us know that she was ready for the next trip. If we were going to go she was going to go with us.

Four days to be alone with Lizzie Tu was just too much for Callie Ann. She is the older cat and does not like the responsibility of watching out for Lizzie Tu. Yes, they did have our granddaughter checking on them which Lizzie Tu loved. Callie Ann is our cat who does not like other people, so I am sure she hid under the bed. Callie Ann is also the cat who gets up here and tries to help me type by walking on the keyboard.

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