Friday, December 17, 2010

Outdoor Decorations

Ever notice how most of our outdoor Christmas decorations are lighted and only show up at night. My daughter and I made some "Cinnamon Candy Decorations" to put on her house that show the holiday spirit in the daytime. These cinnamon candies were quick and easy. We both like fun decorations.
We used 2 plastic paper plate holders placed together (with the tops together.)
Then we wrapped the paper plate holders in aluminum foil.
Next we took red cellophane paper,
(purchased in a roll like wrapping paper at the super store)
and wrapped around the plate holders leaving long enough ends to look like wrapped candy.
We taped the seam with scotch tape so it would not come apart.
We tied each end with silver curly ribbon.
Next we taped bread ties to the back so they could be hung on her porch posts.
This was the only close up photo I could find.

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