Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Shower Decoration

My Granddaughter hosted a baby shower at the park. It was a typical windy day in Oklahoma. Since the shelter she was using for the shower was so big, we had to be creative with decorations. I had rolls of pink plastic table cloth, cups, plates and napkins purchased for half price after Valentine's Day. We took nylon rope and tied it across the shelter like a clothes line. Then we took onesies and hung on the rope. These photos would have looked better, but the wind had whipped the onesies up and over. It covered a large area fairly inexpensively. This could also be used for an indoor shower and hang along the walls.
I love this diaper cake made by Amy.
And this diaper cake made by my daughter.
Always think outside the box when you find yourself needing to decorate.

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