Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bean Project - Science

This could be a easy fun summer project for your children or a good home school project to use for learning.
The students in my daughter's classroom conducted a scientific/biological investigation to analyze and evaluate how the conditions that a seed "bean" we're trying to grow in would change the seeds in various ways. Materials for the experiment were as follows: pinto beans, ziploc bags, water cotton balls, graduated cylinder, ruler, and light. The students got to chose how many beans, how much water, and how many cotton balls to use in each bag. After putting the items in the bags they chose where to hang it on the bulletin board. Each day for two weeks they kept a journal about the changes in their bags. Every other day they used a ruler to measure the growth of the bean/plant. At the end of two weeks they wrote a few sentences about the process.

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  1. I know gardeners who sprout their beans like that before planting them! It's supposed to give them a head start...