Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sliced Cheese

We use a lot of Sliced American Cheese at our house. We make grilled cheese sandwiches, eat sliced cheese on lunch meat sandwiches, put sliced cheese on top of casseroles and many other dishes. We have found that if we buy a 5 pound package of pre-sliced American cheese it is less expensive than purchasing the individual packages of cheese. We bring the big package home and divide it up and put it in zip type sandwich bags. This 5 pound package with 120 slices costs $14.00. As you can see, it says Wisconsin's Finest...I laughed out loud when I read on the package that it is distributed by Wisconsin's Finest, Inc. Plano, Texas!


  1. I had to laugh when I read Plano, TX, as well! I also buy 5 pounds of cheddar and monzarella cheese at Sams. It can be divided and frozen.

  2. Ha! Wisconsin takes its cheese seriously and I bet they wouldn't take too kindly to that!

    I always buy cheese when it's on sale and freeze it. It's slowly taking over our freezer!