Sunday, June 17, 2012

NBA Finals 7pm ABC - GO THUNDER!

My husband took this photo of one of the bank windows in Weatherford, OK
This is the neatest contraption for washing my husband's hats.
Just put the hat in and toss in the washing machine,
 and then put somewhere to dry.
Do not put in the dryer.
My husband puts it out on the front porch to dry.
He wanted his THUNDER hat clean,
 for game 3 of the NBA Finals tonight at 7pm on ABC.


  1. I really need to know where you got this contraption. I heard these existed, but what do you even call it? I also heard that you should wash the hat in the dishwasher so it doesn't get messed up in the washing machine. Anyway - please please let me know where you get the cap washer - I need one.

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  2. We have had the thing for years, but if I remember we ordered it from Walter Drake. They have all kinds of odd ball stuff. You might also check at Wal-Mart or Walgreens in their "as seen on TV section." I heard about washing in the dishwasher too, but we do not have a dishwasher. I have washed his caps by hand and then put in the cap thing to dry.

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  4. I put the wrong price it was $3.99 here. LOL
    good luck.

  5. Thanks for the cap washer site. The one we have is really old and cracked in a couple places...probably from me tossing it in the washer.