Monday, June 18, 2012

Ham - 99 Cents a Pound!

I did a double take the other day at the grocery store...
Cook's Ham for 99 cents a pound!
Cook's Ham is my favorite Hickory Smoked Ham.
When I grocery shop I cruse down the meat counter and look for something inexpensive to purchase. I prefer to find something that will make several meals. Lately our store has had hamburger meat for $3.49 or more a pound, which is totally crazy. We have been finding cheap cuts of steak for less than we can buy hamburger. I also look for the bright orange reduced stickers on meat packages. I always look at Cook's Ham, but one Ham Steak is usually $3.99. When I saw this 99 cent sticker on this ham I tossed it in my cart!

I took it home and sliced off as many pieces of ham as I could. Yes, it has a bone in it. After I sliced off pieces for us to eat with eggs for breakfast and with sweet potatoes for lunch and other meals. I chopped off as much of the ham around the bone as I could get off. I cut this ham into little chunks. I took was was left of the bone and the little chunks and put them in a big pot with pinto beans. We had the most delicious ham and beans with cornbread! We were able to get a bunch of meals out of this one ham.

Shopping today makes me nuts. Everything has gotten so expensive it is hard to budget the needs of a family. Packages are smaller, but the same price they were when there was more in them. Look for the bargains in the meat counter and base meals around what you find or load up on veggies and learn new ways to prepare healthy meals for your family:)


  1. I think I'd have bought one for eating now and one for freezing for later! I so love it when I find deals like this.

  2. Have you thought about raising a calf for beef? My mother goes halvzies on longhorn butchering with her friend who raises them in Hinton. I think I would like to raise goat for the meat. Goat is not in demand here in the states, but it is the main source of meat in many parts of the world. My dad says it is very good, he ate a lot of it overseas.

    1. Yes, we have shared a beef with friends in the past. I grew up raising cattle and hogs, been there done that:) Goat meat to me is tough, but lots of people like it. Goats are a pain...I can still hear my dad scream when our goat was on top of his pick up truck and when it came through our screen door:)