Thursday, June 14, 2012

I-40 Closed Route 66 Saves the Day

With approximately 20 miles of Interstate 40 closed due to a overturned semi tanker truck Historic Route 66 saved the day for lots of travelers. I had heard about both the east bound and west bound lanes of Interstate 40 being closed between Clinton and Weatherford and had already decided to take Historic Route 66. Before I could get to the place to exit the Interstate was already at a stand still with backed up traffic. The five miles to the turn off was stop and go and the go was only 10 mph. It was kind of neat to see all the semi-trucks and other vehicles traveling the Historic Highway.
I didn't think to get my camera out quick enough to get the full photo of the over turned tanker, but on the left of the above photo is the cab of the truck. I am on the south service road and the tanker in the middle of the photo is on Historic Route 66.
All of the emergency vehicles are on the east bound lanes of Interstate 40.
As I am about to get to re-enter Interstate 40 as far as I can see are backed up vehicles waiting to exit on to Historic Route 66 west bound. Remember I only have a easy share point and shoot and I am driving so the photos leave a lot to be desired.
After I exited off into Weatherford, I had to go to the other side of town to pick up some items at the store. Wow...there were still vehicles backed up on Interstate 40 again as far as I could see, but I did not take those photos. I only took me about 40 minutes longer to get home even with the detour. Everytime I get on a part of Historic Route 66 made out of real concrete with the curved up sides I think of childhood trips...

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