Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Car Air Freshner Craft

This is a quick and easy car air freshner craft to make.
I used the Art Foam Conversation Heart Stickers
Perfume Samples
Pieces of fabric from sweat pants
(I had cut off to make shorts)
Felt would also work good for the fabric.
and Ribbon
First I sprayed the perfume on the fabric and let it dry a bit.
(You could go to the dollar store and get the car freshner oil.)
Peeled the back off one of the hearts and laid the ribbon down on the sticky side.
Make sure you leave a loop of ribbon at the top to hang it with.
Next I put the fabric soaked in perfume on the heart.
Then peeled the back off another heart and put the sticky sides together.
I continued this process for three hearts -
I used 6 hearts total.
After I got the three hearts assembled I tied a knot at the bottom.
Then I decided to take a sharpie and personalize the car air freshner.
You could use as few hearts as you want, but I was doing three for the kids.
I have also seen car air freshners cut out in the shape of people that were too cute.


  1. Such a cute idea! I have a lot of those perfume samples sitting around.

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