Sunday, June 10, 2012

Recycled Auction Pots

My sister had gone to an auction and purchased a whole bunch of big flower pots. She did not want the extra pots that were grouped together with the ones that she was trying to get. She sent several of the pots home with me.

I spray painted the biggest one brown, because it was ugly. I would have painted the others, but I ran out of paint and time.Then I put a layer of pine cones in the bottoms of all the pots. I put the pine cones in the bottom so it would not take so much potting soil. I planted tomatoes and peppers in the pots and delivered them to my daughter's house in OKC.

These pots would have been very expensive to have purchased new. Remember to recycle pots when you make your container garden. Watch auctions and gargage sales for inexpensive pots and other garden accessories.

My husband taking a break from the "gardening."

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  1. Pinecones! That is genius! I use rocks and it makes the pots so heavy.