Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fancy Fold Towels

You can have the "away from home feel" in your bathroom, just by folding your towels and washcloths like a hotel. I took one of these (hand towels and washcloth sets) and photographed the way to fold them.
First "fan fold" your washcloth.
Then fold one end of the hand towel up and fold into thirds.
You will be folding it so the "pocket" will be on the outside.
This is so simple, yet looks neat for you or your guests.
Next time you travel don't just take the usual photos...look around for other things too. My husband just cracks up laughing at me for taking photos of hotel room and stuff like this towel folding.

He also makes fun of me and his sister when we go to a hotel and move the furniture around. We tell him the housekeeping staff leaves it like that for cleaning and we want it to be functional.


  1. So fancy! I feel like my husband would have that completely undone 5 minutes after I did it. ;)

    It's funny, I decorated our bedroom based on my favorite hotel in Chicago. I even bought a print that was created by an artist specifically for the hotel!

  2. These are so elegant! These would never last in my house either. Even just hanging on a towel ring somehow my husband manages to make it all sloppy and uneven so I have to go and fix it.

  3. I like to fancy fold my towels, even for the cabinet where they are stored. Just folding length wise in thirds then folding the two ends towards the middle but leaving a gap, then folding them over again, makes them oh so neat in a stack.

    I straighten up the mess once some one uses them and they are dry again.