Friday, November 4, 2011

Pie Tin Pumpkin

Pie Tin Pumpkin
Cut the bottom out of a pie tin leaving a part of the edge of the pan for the stem.
Don't use your sewing scissors! I have a pair I use only for crafts...wire cutting etc.
Lay the cut out pumpkin on a towel and poke holes in the pumpkin with a nail.
I am pretty sure your hole pattern will be more creative and look better than mine.
I took green and orange Sharpies to kinda color the pumpkin.
Then I decided it needed a piece of green ribbon tied around the stem.
This photo was from inside my house, looking out to show the light coming through the holes.
This photo was taken outside.
This project took about fifteen minutes.
It would be quick and easy if you need inexpensive decorations.


  1. This pumpkin is so creative and fun! I love how the light comes through it. Also I wanted to tell you thanks for your comment on my shelf, I appreciate it. :)