Friday, November 11, 2011

CD Turkey Craft

I have a small stack of those CD's that arrived in the mail trying to sell me something. I just put them up on my craft shelf, thinking that some day I would do a craft project with them. Here is one of the things I decided I could make out of one. Thanksgiving CD Turkey Fridge Magnet!
One CD
Craft Foam Sheets
Feathers or you could cut "feathers" out of the foam sheets
One Recycled Magnet
Black Sharpie or you could use a craft eye
I cut out a turkey head, beak, gobble, and feet from the foam sheets. Next I glued the head and feet (I know the feet are a little funny) on the back side of the CD. Then glued the beak and gobble on the front side of the head. Drew a eye on the head with the sharpie. Then I glued the feathers on the back of the CD and glued the magnet on top of the feathers. Granny's Love aka my grandson thought is was too cool.
This makes a colorful refrigerator magnet, but if you wanted to use as a hanging ornament just drill a tiny hole in the top of two CD's. Do not use the magnet. Glue a second CD on the back side and repeat the beak, gobble and eye on the back side.
This would make a fun classroom project.

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