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Squishables Giveaway on Momma Told Me

Squishables: Massive Plush ($138) Giveaway and Review~ 11/28



Momma Told Me: Don't take life to seriously, you'll never get out alive.

"Somewhere between training wheels and a high school diploma we realize the urgency impressed upon us to find our life's purpose. As young as 14 we are asked to lay out our plans, where we want to be in 4 short years, what we want to do for every year after. That's a tall order for anyone, let alone a child. And as our comforts slowly disappear; we're told we're 'too old', or need to 'grow up' and forced to leave behind our make believe friends and teddy bears. Let's be honest, the world is a serious place filled with laws, unknown variables, and a never ending barrage of obstacles. Granted, all of that leads to wonderful rewards, life experiences, and general fulfillment, but getting there can often feel like having teeth pulled. And no matter how old we get, each and every one of us has a secret memory, moment, place, or symbol that represents their childlike wonder. The holidays are precisely the time to let that curiosity, generosity, and innocence out. Just because you're 'grown up' doesn't mean you can't get on the floor and play with the kids and their new train set on Christmas morning.

The wonderfully animated, and kindred at heart, people of Squishables have a similar philosophy. Somewhere in 2007, between server encryptions and technical hum drum, Squishers Zoe and Aaron made the bold move to leave their stuffy technical jobs to pursue a life of flush, squish, and general cuteness. While the world of Squish may appear to be a simple collection of round and furry loveable critters, Squishables are actually part of a movement to change the world. Refreshingly, many plush companies are surfacing with philanthropic intentions. Squishables not only limits their advertising spending through webcomic promotion and by partnering with other artists, they make tangible donations monthly. Their chosen charity of the month receives $1 for every Squishables fan photo uploaded to HugMe@Squishable.com.
What makes Squishabls different from all the other plush companies out there? These 15" standard, round, animal (and mythical character) semblances begin at $38. Safe for ages 3+, the pricing depends on the complexity of the creature, and all are heavily collectible. It's safe to say once you squish other plush will never be missed! They're the stuffed craze sweeping the nation, even world, with Squishables popping up in international travels alongside businessmen, artists, and children. Nobody is immune to the adorable interpretation of animals such as the manatee, wolf, platypus, and racoons; or the mischievously styled Cthulhu and Narwhal. New characters are released regularly, and the fandom is so large there's a running vote for the next prototypes!

While the 15" Squishable is standard, and the original size, you can also enjoy your squish on the go with NEW Squishable Minis. Minis are 7" replicas of the original Squishable crew, with all the adorable features, in a more compact form. They retail under $20 and make great companions for on the go, goofing off, and young fans. Not all Original characters make it to the Mini roster though, and even less make it to the Massive category! If you recall the wonder of Carnival boardwalks and oversized plush, then you'll appreciate the vision of a bean bag chair sized stuffie.

Quite possibly THE best Christmas Gift Idea for any animal lover, plush fanatic, or child at heart, are the impressively large Massive Squishables. Available in Android, Panda, Octopus, and Dragon, the Massive Squishables retail around $140 and are extremely rare. Their 24" stature makes them excellent lounging buddies, and naturally the most adorable thing found tree-side this holiday season. Squishables will ship the worldwide, ave Australia, where (odd enough) they are too big for parcel service. Squishables are much more than the perfect plush. They're a way of life to all of their adoptive parents and besties, with adventures, photo streams, and passionate collectors to rival any bean bag trend.

I received an original Panda plush and Android Mini Squishable for feature here on Momma Told Me. My new friends arrived smushed into a box, and quickly expanded once open (be careful when opening not to use sharp objects that puncture deep). Outside the box, the Squishables are extremely soft to the touch, and very....well, Squishable. Don't worry, these critters quickly retain their form, and fluff back into shape. My panda has a tendency to want to roll backwards, or right off the table and onto the floor (someone should write a song). The Adnroid is a great stress reliever, office buddy, and general stamp of geek. Pair him with an actual Android this Christmas to make any tech lover's dreams come true! Browse the website and read the background stories to each character's inspiration, have a laugh at the fan staged pics, or suggest the next Squishable. You simply can't go wrong with something this adorable!"

What Daughter Says: Squishables are sure to delight everyone from 9-99 this holiday season. Dream big with a Massive Squishable!

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