Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mt.Dew Bottle Christmas Wreath

Diet Mountain Dew Bottle Christmas Wreath
15 - 2-liter Diet Mountain Dew bottle bottoms
Floral Wire
Hole Punch
14 - Satin Poinsettia blooms
Ribbon for bow
Cut the bottoms off 15 Diet Mountain Dew 2-liter bottles.
I bought 3 bunches of Poinsettias that had 6 blooms each for total of $3.00
(only used 14 of the blooms for the wreath)
Cut each bottle bottom and bend so they lay mostly flat.
Punch holes in the side of each and join together with floral wire.
Use the pliers to hold the nail over a flame (I used our cook stove) and heat the nail.
Poke two holes in the middle of each bottle bottom to be able to wire on the blooms.
(My plan was to hot glue the Poinsettia blooms on...
then I found my small gun and large glue sticks...
rest are at my daughters.)
Wire a Poinsettia bloom in the middle of each bottle bottom.
I wired the bow on the bottom on the "15th" bottle bottom.
I also used a piece of the same ribbon to tie on the top to make the wreath hanger.
This wreath could be made with so many variations. After buying the Poinsettia blooms, floral wire and ribbon this wreath cost less than $4.00! It took a lot more time than money to make it.

Then I decided to make another Diet Mt. Dew bottle bottom wreath...I only used 13 bottle bottoms in the wreath below. Used 12 flowers and attached the bow at the top instead of the bottom. I like the second wreath better than the first. I think the next one might have ornaments attached instead of flowers?

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