Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Gift Basket

Baby Gift Basket

I love putting together gift baskets and my favorite is baby gift baskets. When a new baby is born the first thing that will be needed is a laundry basket. By using a laundry basket as the "gift basket" you put all of your gifts inside and tie a bow around the basket and you are ready to go. I put together a collection of items that I wanted to give the mom-to-be:
Baby Bottle Bank
 (always put in at least a $1 in the bank)
Outfit "Born to Shop"
Travel bag Johnson's stuff for diaper bag
Head to Toe Johnson's baby wash
Medicine dropper and nose cleaner bulb
Plastic baby spoons
Brush and Comb
Receiving Blankets
Baby Wipes
Outlet Plugs
2011 Christmas Tree Ornament
Two packages of Diapers
The fun is collecting a few items each month.
I used a white sparkly wire ribbon. Weave in and out around the basket.  Make a bow.
I love Christmas and I love giving the baby a tree ornament. I found this one at Hobby Lobby.

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  1. I love putting together gift baskets too! It's so much fun to customize them to fit people's tastes. Your idea to put everything in a laundry basket for a baby gift is fantastic--I am definitely stealing it from you! :)