Friday, June 24, 2011

Cars 2

It seems like it was forever ago that the CARS movie came out and now it is time for  the new movie CARS 2 opening in theaters everywhere! I think from all the previews I've seen it is going to be awesome. I thought the first CARS movie was really more for adults, and every time I watched it I noticed something I had not seen the other times! The movie just has so many tiny details it is really wonderful. I can't wait to see the new CARS 2!

My grandson aka Granny's Love wanted his room decorated with cars and race type logos after the first CARS movie. Of course, that was when he was a "little" he is into other action figures and "big boy" stuff...he is almost seven. I am re posting from 12-31-10 so all you moms out there can be getting ready to give those CARS 2 guys a cool room.

I took his chest of drawers and painted it black on the sides and top and white on the drawers. Then I painted "roads" across all the drawers. Since he had lots of the McDonald's Happy Meal cars from the movie CARS, I took the cars and replaced all the drawer pulls with those Happy Meal cars. It transformed the chest of drawers into a really cute new look for his room.
His room had two huge windows. I made curtains out of cars themed bed sheets and the valance out of the pillow cases. It was cheaper than buying enough ready made curtains for all those windows. Then from the party store we got the checker flag banners and stapled up around the entire top of his wall. We even attached a Towmater truck to the pull on his ceiling fan. After adding posters and other accents he had a custom decorated room for a money saving value.
Make a comment and share your money saving decorating ideas.

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