Monday, June 13, 2011

Stepping Stones

In 1997 four sisters started getting together for crafts night and working on ceramics pieces. Then the crafts evolved into working with stained glass earning lots of ribbons and awards at various fairs. They started experimenting with stained glass stepping stones in 2002 and from that point on they were in the stained glass stepping stone business. The Glass Breakers - P.J. Choate, Amy Helm, Ida Simmons and Lucille Chaote. The first year they made 160 stepping stones with the construction process being 30 days from cutting the class until the stone is sealed and the cement dries. It is a lot of work, but turns out such unique pieces.
The sisters photograph each stone and keep a catalog of who purchased the stone and what state the stone ended up being located. My Mom loves roses and I bought her a stepping stone to put in her flower bed in Arkansas. She thought it was too pretty to put outside so it is in her living room. My granddaughter preferred her OU stepping stone in her bedroom.
The sisters now have stepping stones in all shapes and sizes with every type of stained glass design. They have even been ask to design special stones for individuals.
Here are the sisters winning another award at a local festival. Next time you attend an arts festival in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas or Arkansas look around you might find The Glass Breakers displaying their beautiful stepping stones.

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  1. That's such a neat story! I haven't gone to any craft fairs in a long time but hopefully I'll see them when I do go to another one.