Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cheap VBS Crafts

Today Vacation Bible Schools have themes that come with purchased packages of crafts and lessons. When my Granddaughter was 2 years old (1996) her VBS was on a tight budget. Her Nana Bonnie and Aunt Peggy needed some ideas to use for the little children to teach and create. I looked up some verses in the bible and made pages that could be photocopied for their crafts. This first one just had the kids put paint on the palms of their hands and then put down on the top of the tree base to make the tree top. It is a good idea to ask the parents to send an old shirt for the children to wear when using paints.
These next two are different ways to make rainbows. The first is using colored rice, but I think it was actually a day care project. The second used colored cotton balls.
This one has collected lots of dust on the cotton balls...yuk. Remember it was 1996 when this was made! I put the verse on the top of the page and then made the rainbow shape with clouds under the rainbow. The children glued on the cotton balls to make the different rainbow colors.
This next one was simply the bible verse and a heart. They glued pieces of tissue paper on the heart. All of these projects are cheap and easy for the tiny VBS children to create. Plus, their parents might read the verses when they take their crafts home.
These next craft projects are also 1996 creations, but they were done at day care. As you can see they took pre-cut firecrackers and helped the children glue on glitter to make them exciting.
The day care used lots of sand mixed with glue to put on several projects. I love this scarecrow! I also have an owl with the sand mixture. A bucket of sand mixed with glue is a cheap medium to use in crafting.
This last one is my all time favorite. Ms. Margie, the day care teacher, was kind enough to write on the top of the page so we would know that this was a thunder storm! Just glitter crayons on construction paper.
I hope these things will get your creative juices flowing. Just remember when working with small children, they are proud of just getting the attention and proud of almost anything they make with their hands.

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