Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dressed Up Dogs

Alexxus, Aalyiah and Traeton entertained themselves one afternoon last week by dressing up their dogs. I wish I would have been there to have watched them, because I know they were all three laughing and having a good time. Their mom Tiffiany sent me these photos she took  of the Dressed Up Dogs. The photos made me laugh, just too funny to see dogs in clothes.
These photos should make you laugh too!
 I promise my cats would never allow me to put clothes on them.
This must be the "CoverDog" pose.
My cats would never allow clothes, but they would for sure never pose for a photo.
I tried and tried to flip this last photo right side up and failed!
You can still see the dog in its K9 outfit.
This is another reason I dislike cell phone photos...Tiffiany, the mom who took these photos has PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS hanging on her wall that SHE TOOK with a real camera! The girl is a great photographer...she needs to put up the cell phone and get out the real camera and take photos of these children and their dogs. Still I must say, Thanks for the photos and the laugh.

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