Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chinese Buffet with Frog Legs

China Capital Super Buffet at 6201 Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City, OK is just what the name says it is....a SUPER BUFFET! They have the most Chinese food I have ever seen on a buffet. The best thing I found on the buffet was FROG LEGS! I love frog legs.

My Daddy and I use to go out and hunt frogs. We went to various ponds in the dark and would shine the light to find the frogs and the capture them with the frog gig. There is nothing better than fresh fried frog legs. That is one of those childhood memories that I will never forget.
As you can see in the photo below I got a big pile of frog legs. Of course, my husband and daughter did not eat frog legs, so I had to eat their share too...LOL.
They had hot food, cold food, fruits, desserts, and all in large varieties.
No, these are not all my plates!
Next time you are in Oklahoma City check out this new buffet.
You will love it as much as I did!

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