Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buffi Neal - Wonderfully Dysfunctional

Below are the words of Buffi Neal describing one of her books. This young lady writes the funniest blog ever! I have been following her blog for several months and it just dawned on me that I should tell you to check her out.  I love to receive the latest postings in my e-mail, lately she has gone missing from blogging...but read her older posts until she gets back to blogging...I know she is busy with her books and having a fun summer with her kids. I highly recommend you sign up as a follower of and you will also find the information on how to obtain her books. She is an awesome writer!

A gypsy mother who refused to wear a bra and a father who had two wives. A brother who slept under the coffee table and a sister who was kidnapped. A homosexual minister, a missing uncle and a feisty red-headed grandmother who was longing to leave it all.
I always knew my family was unusual, but I was lucky enough to have escaped that gene. Or was I? In a nursing home, seated next to my dying grandmother, I looked around at my family and it occurred to me that I fit right in. No bra, dirty sneakers and two ex husbands. Maybe it really is genetic - maybe I never had a chance.
With the help of my siblings, I began a journey of self discovery as we recalled stories of our youth including juicy family secrets, inappropriate practical jokes and betrayal.
On a journey to find normal, I found myself instead.

I can relate to her being on a journey to find herself in the middle of a crazy life. Everyone has always told me I should write a book about all the unbelievable things that happen in my everyday life. I just laugh, because no one would believe half the nutty stuff that really happens. It is like a soap opera around here most of the time. Not so much now that the girls have grown up and moved has calmed down a bunch.

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  1. BKWilliams,
    I just came across this post and I don’t even know how to thank you for your kind words. I had to stop my writing for the past six months to help out a family member and getting back into it is proving to be a challenge. How do I write a blog when I have been an absentee blogger for half a year?
    Stumbling across your blog has inspired me to write my first post in a long time and get my blog fixed up. Thank you so very much for the reach-out! I’ll be reading you!
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog