Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 7 Germiest Public Places

I love receiving my www.care2.com e-mails with all kinds of topics of things happening in the world. They even have care2 e-greeting cards that I enjoy sending. They have a variety of writers that contribute to the newsletter. The other day I was drawn to the headline "The 7 Germiest Public Places." I thought I would share the list with you and also recommend you sign up to receive the Care 2 newsletters. I am only going to list the 7 places, but you can log on to read the full article by Maria Rodale.

The 7 Germist Public Places

Restaurant Menus
Lemon Wedges
Condiment Dispensers
Restroom Door Handles
Soap Dispensers
Grocery Carts
Airplane Bathrooms
Doctors Offices
(my husband said #8 is ATM keypads)

The full article tells why each one of these 7 places contain so many germs and how you can prevent transfering them to you. So, check out http://www.care2.com/ and http://www.rodale.com/
Rodale.com is a new original source for daily news, information, and advice on personal and environmental health. Rodale.com focuses on “Where Health Meets Green” topics, providing daily news stories and breaking news along with easy-to-follow, high-impact tips and advice. Rodale.com features a Daily Newsletter, and provides simple, powerful tools including Recipe Finder and Home Remedy Finder to help audiences improve their health and their environment. Rodale.com also includes "Maria's Farm Country Kitchen," a personal blog where Editor-in-Chief and Rodale, Inc. CEO and Chairman Maria Rodale is “Cooking Up Trouble, Dishing Out Advice.”

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/the-7-germiest-public-places.html#ixzz1Fl6IxhT2

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