Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eat with a fork Chili Dogs

My husband and I love CHILI DOGS! (Note now that we are older, we must have antacids after eating them.) We prefer to make our chili dogs with BarS Smoked Sausage, because they don't get lost in the bun. You can find these huge "dogs" on sale in the 16 count package for $4.99. We love to use them in a variety of ways besides just chili dogs.They are good chopped up with bar-b-que sauce, in a bun with mustard and relish, in omlets, fried in the skillet, wrapped in crescent rolls and baked, etc., etc.!  BarS also has food processing plants in Oklahoma. We also like to use Griffin's mustard which is another MADE IN OKLAHOMA product.
4 smoked sausage
1 can chili (any kind you like)
4 hot dog buns
chopped onions
shredded cheese
Dump can of chili into a bowl and microwave until hot or approximately 2 minutes.
(cover the bowl of chili with a paper towel to prevent microwave splatters)
Wrap smoked sausages in paper towel and microwave for approximately 2 minutes.
Put mustard on the buns and sprinkle onions on buns.
Put hot sausages on buns and cover with chili and cheese.
I like to put the plate of chili dogs in microwave for about 30 seconds to melt the cheese.
You can see why you must eat these chili dogs with a fork!
This is what they look like in the middle! YUMMY! They are wonderful! Quick, easy, and cheap way to have a one dish meal. Don't forget the antacids!

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