Monday, June 20, 2011

Tisket a Tasket - Cleaning Basket

My friend Pat is going to close on another house today. She is all excited about buying this house, and told me the first thing she was going to do was to deep clean everything plus paint all the rooms. Of course, there are a few other things she is planning like flooring, etc. before she moves into the house. Since I was going to see her before the closing I thought I would make her a little congratulations on the house CLEANING BASKET.
I already had a neat basket, ribbon, and shrink wrap (but I did not shrink it) for the basket.
I made a quick trip to Family Dollar and spent a total of $6.00 on glass cleaner, bleach cleaner, all purpose cleaner and sponges. Then I went home and added a roll of paper towels and masking tape. I have to use masking tape when I paint.
Next my husband ran into Ace Hardware for me and picked up some paint samples, and also found this cool interior style booklet to include in the basket. He does not see colors well, so the samples he picked out were actually pretty neat. The colors really did not matter cause Pat and I don't like the same colors at all....for example I LOVE bright colors and she prefers the softer tones in more neutral colors. This house she is buying has lime green and orange kitchen walls and the bathroom is turquoise and purple! The living room has navy blue and dark brown on a couple walls.....oh my......Pat will have those tamed down in a couple days!
Then after she uses the cleaning supplies out of the basket she can use the basket as storage on a shelf, or to put a piece of greenery in and adorn the top of her kitchen cabinets, or lots of other things she might need a round basket with handles.
I did not paint the room you see behind the daughter is gold on the top half and purple on the bottom half with a border in the middle. Before she moved out she had leopard print border, and I changed it to the white picket fence with gazebos and cottages for my craft room. I need to repaint all the rooms in my house, but I am just not into moving all the stuff.

At any rate, this basket would also make a good gift for a wedding shower, grads going off to college or for their first apartment, and any other occasion that a CLEANING BASKET would be needed.


  1. Great idea! Much more practical for a housewarming gift than yet another candle. ;)

  2. This basket has been a life saver! I took it to the new house, opened it up and it had everything I needed to get started. I chose one of the colors that Dennis picked up - I am having such a good time telling people that a person who is visually impaired chose the paint color! Dennis has declared himself my "Decorating Assistant." All the color is gone and so is a good deal of of the grime. It was so wonderful not to need to gather up cleaning supplies and haul them over in a bag. Thank you,Brenda, you are absolutely the best friend ever!