Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mom's Lillies

Mom and I had a great time walking around her yard on a recent trip home. I missed all the iris in bloom, but got to see most of the lillies still showing their beauty. These are the steps down from the back yard to the patio. This over looks a roaring creek and expansive pasture land on the other side of the creek.
Along the way we looked over the fence at the various colors of lillies.
Mom has covered the hillside with lillies and hostas.
This is the view looking back up the steps toward the back of the house.
This is the peaceful scene from sitting on the front patio area. That is way more yard than I would ever want to mow, but my mom loves to mow. Just stay out of the way when she has that thing in drive! Note the bird feeders by the steps...
This is a close up photo of the bird feeders by the steps. These birds are so beautiful.
Check out the temperature. As soon as we got west of Tulsa our van said it was 104 outside. It was not hard to tell when we arrived in Western and windy!
Now for the temperatures in Western Oklahoma on 6-17-11 and it is suppose to be the same today!
This is what my car said when I got in to to go home after work!
This is what the bank temp was at the same time.


  1. Those flowers are stunning! I love them and it would definitely brighten my day to see those!

    109 - wow! That even beats Texas! I think the highest my car has said is 106. And it's not officially summer until tomorrow!

  2. These flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Pansy is so proud of them and she should be! I kick myself for not having a camera the day I was there.